Overview of SAP Standard Platform Security Features

This course covers the main security mechanisms that SAP provides as part of an SAP S/4HANA system. S/4HANA consists of two distinct components: the Application Server (ABAP) which contains the business logic, and the database (HANA) which stores the data. For a thorough security concept, both need to be considered.The SAP Application Server ABAP offers security features in the areas of authentication & authorization, encryption, patching, network access control and audit logging, all of which are discussed in this course. Since SAP HANA itself is not just a simple database but a complex system of its own, there are also multiple areas of security features, including authentication & authorization, encryption as well as audit logging.In addition to this, certain organizational security measures are addressed. SAP offers the SAP Security Optimization Services Portfolio, which is covered along with the SAP Secure Operations Map and the Security Baseline Template. Finally, the SAP System Recommendations as part of the Solution Manager are discussed.


  You will learn which security features an SAP S/4HANA system offers
  You will learn which tools SAP offers to detect and manage security events & vulnerabilities
  You will learn about additional security measures you can implement to further increase your security maturity

1 hour


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 Certificate Upon Completion


149 € per course


  • You have a fundamental understanding of common application security concepts such as encryption in transit and storage, role-based access control, IP-based access control and authentication
  • You know the Common use cases and features of SAP S/4HANA software like such as multi-user capability, system-to-system communication, and end-user interaction via SAP GUI and web.

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