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Compensation Plan for

Authors & Trainers  

We Want You to be a Part of NO MONKEY  


Fixed compensation per eLearning:
  • € 1,500 
Fixed compensation for the maintenance per eLearning:
  • € 150 
The compensation amount is fixed at € 1,500 per course and is accepted by NO MONKEY SECURITY (NMS) and the author for publication.
T's & C's
  • The content topic is determined once a year between the author and the NMS. The compensation amount for the maintenance is fixed at € 150 per course. Maintenance includes updating, adapting, or extending the module contents according to the defined learning objectives of the module. The maintenance period begins on the day of publication of the respective course. If NMS has determined the need for updating the content, and the author does not fulfill this need within three (3) months, the amount according to will not be paid out.

Live Online Training (LOT)

Fixed compensation per training module:
  • € 150 
Full day of virtual or live training (8 modules):
  • € 1,200
Additional compensation per attendee:
  • € 10/module
Calculation example of a full day (8 modules) with 7 participants:
  • € 1,200 + € 560 = € 1,760     
Calculation example of a full day (8 modules) with a maximum of 14 participants:
  • € 1,200 + € 1120 = € 2,320
T's & C's
  • The compensation amount will be paid out after the compensation is fully paid by the customer. The absolute maximum number participants is 16 people, but ideally not more than 14 people. A cancelation of the training must be communicated at least 48 hours beforehand
  • The compensation for a conversion into an eLearning is at € 1,500 per course within the courses and is accepted by NMS and the author for publication. The author receives an additional payment of 15% (following pro-rata remuneration) per eLearning course acquired after the initial compensation amount is recouped through external bookings. If a course expressly accepted by NMS is not processed further, NMS is obliged to pay a cancellation fee, fixed at € 1,500 per course. However, this is only valid in case NMS is responsible for the reasons for the non-publication

On-Site Travel Expenses: Trainer

Environmental considerations when traveling - for business trips, NO MONKEY encourages the use of environmentally friendly public transport and avoids air travel whenever possible.
  • € 0.3/km (when traveling by car)
  • 1st class train ticket
  • Transfer from/to train station and/or to airport
  • Hotel *if necessary

* Need for hotel is based on the following criteria:
- Distance of training location from the trainers house (e.g. 1.5 hours) and duration of the training (e.g. over 4 hours)
*Maximum 4-star classification within 15 km radius of the training destination  
*€ 28 per day for other expenses

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