Frequently Asked 

All About Learning Content

Q: What is included in an eLearning?
A: Our one-hour eLearnings are designed with videos, interactive games, and occasional quizzes to make learning highly engaging. Each course falls within a distinct cross-section within the NO MONKEY Security Matrix,  so you know what the course is about at a glance. Whether you are on a train, in the office, or in between pitches at an event, you can use the time to learn about SAP security. All NO MONKEY eLearnings are available online, 24/7 and can be completed at each learners own pace.  

Q: What is a Live Online Training?
A: Live Online Trainings consist of small classes, where learners receive a personalized, high-quality education from one of our hand-picked SAP security experts. Learners can ask questions and receive answers on the spot from the instructor and other co-learners as they trouble shoot, solve puzzles, or complete exercises together. Our courses turn theory into practice by offering learners the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned on our own SAP training machine.  

Q: What is a Blended Learning?
A: Blended Learning combines intensive eLearning courses with Live Online Trainings. Learners are able to complete hour long eLearnings before diving into a Live Online Training. Completing the eLearning content ensures that all participants have the same level of knowledge when beginning the live, Live Online Training, enabling instructors and learners to dive right into what matters most.

Q: How much time do I need to schedule for a NO MONKEY eLearning, do I need to complete it in one go?
A: NO MONKEY eLearnings are designed to last, on average, one hour. Learners do not need to complete the course in one go. You can pause the eLearning and complete it at your own pace, although it is recommended to complete the eLearning in one go.

Q: What eLearnings are currently available?
You can find an overview of our current courses in the course catalog here. Be sure to check the eLearning overview as new courses are continuously being created and added to our catalog.  

Q: Which Live Online Trainings are currently offered?
You can find an overview of our current courses here. Be sure to check the Live Online Trainings schedule regularly as course offerings are continuously being added. 

Q: How much time do I need to schedule for a Live Online Training?
A: The majority of our Live Online Trainings consist of 1-2 four-hour sessions, including breaks.

Q: What language is used in NO MONKEY Academy eLearnings?
All NO MONKEY eLearnings, subtitles, slides and info-graphics are originally produced in English.

Q: What language is used in NO MONKEY Live Online Trainings?
Most Live Online Trainings are offered in English or German. All associated learning material (slides, info graphics, exercises) are in English. 

Q: How many people can participate in a Live Online Training?
NO MONKEY Live Online Trainings consist of a minimum of seven learners and are capped off at a maximum of 14 learners.  Courses are limited to a maximum of 14 students to ensure that learners will receive increased individual attention from the instructor and also have increased levels of participation and communication between fellow learners and the instructor. 

Q: Can I access my Live Online training with my mobile device?
No, Live Online Trainings are highly interactive, and involve gamified content and live exercises, the learning experience is only made possible via a fully equipped workstation.

Q: Will I receive a certificate after the completion of a Live Online Training or eLearning?
Yes, learners receive a certificate for participating in Live Online Trainings and/or completing an eLearning.

All About Payment and Access

Q: How do I enroll into a NO MONKEY ACADEMY eLearning?
You can enroll by reaching out to our sales department here.
Q: How do I sign up for a Live Online Training?
You can book a Live Online Training by reaching out to our sales department here.

Q: How long is the minimum subscription period?
12 months.

Q: How much does a yearly subscription cost?
Prices for an annual subscription vary based on the amount of learners you would like to enroll. To learn more about our corporate pricing options, please reach out to our sales department.

Q: Is my purchase access transferable?
Learning accounts are not transferable. For more information on this, please read our terms and conditions.

Q: Can learners download eLearnings and view them offline? 
No. Learners need to log into the NO MONKEY ACADEMY in order to access our eLearnings. 

All About Technical Requirements

Q: What languages are available when using the NO MONKEY ACADEMY site?
The NO MONKEY ACADEMY site is presented in English.

Q: What kind of computer or operating system do I need in order to view an eLearning or participate in a Live Online Training?
Let's talk technology! You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) on your desktop operating system. Please also make sure that the firewall of the computer or network firewall does not block outgoing connections to NO MONKEY domains.
We recommend a quad-core processor and 8 GB of RAM or more. In addition, we recommend a workstation with a mouse, keyboard and two monitors, one of which is 24".
For our Live Online Trainings we additionally recommend a webcam.
Q: What kind of internet connection do I need in order to receive the best learning experience?
We recommend a high speed connection via DSL or Cable. Many of our courses include video, so you will want a connection stable enough to support that.
Please make sure that your computer has a minimum downstream bandwidth of at least 3 MBit/s and upstream of 1 MBit/s