eLearning Subscription for Business-Critical SAP Technology

Equip Your Organization with the Necessary Security Skills to Defend Against Cyber Threats

Introducing the NO MONKEY ACADEMY
eLearning Subscription 

Safeguard Your Business-Critical SAP Technology with Confidence

SAP technology is vital to your operations, enabling seamless processes and informed decision-making. When SAP systems are disrupted or unavailable, operations come to a halt, impacting customer satisfaction, revenue, and efficiency. Moreover, your SAP system holds a lot of sensitive data! This increases your risk of threats, attacks, and breaches which we all understand can lead to serious reputational damage, legal issues, and financial losses. It's crucial to have specialized internal knowledge and expertise when safeguarding your SAP systems.

Introducing the NO MONKEY ACADEMY eLearning subscription—an innovative e-learning library designed to upskill your organization's three lines of security defense based on their distinct roles. With role-specific training tailored to SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit, your team will gain the expertise needed to fortify your organization's security posture effectively. With a well-trained team proficient in SAP security, you can proactively identify and mitigate potential threats, reduce risk, and maintain the continuity of your operations even in the face of evolving security challenges.

Together, we can empower your organization to thrive in the digital landscape while maintaining the utmost protection for your valuable digital assets.

Subscription Includes:

Get access to our innovative e-learning library designed to upskill your organization's defenses, equipping them with specialized skills to safeguard your critical SAP technology confidently.

- Minimum 5 learners 
- Investment per learner:           1,950€

Optimize Your Training Impact with Our Role Advisory Workshop

The role advisory workshop is a critical component in our eLearning subscription, exclusively designed for managers and team leads. This workshop is tailored to align your SAP and organizational security objectives, ensuring a seamless correlation with your training needs. During the workshop, we help answer critical questions, such as "What can my organization achieve with training?" and "Which are the most important roles to develop for SAP security skills within my organization?" We also identify and address critical skill gaps, providing valuable insights into where your organization should start in terms of skill development.  Let us guide you through this transformative process and help you achieve unparalleled SAP security success.

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 Step One:
Prepare & hold workshop together
   Step Two:
Enhance & adjust training objectives
 Step Three:
Survey Phase: Involve team members, uncover your starting point
 Step Four:
Training roles defined - start learning!

What Can the NO MONKEY ACADEMY eLearning Subscription Help Your Organisation Do Better?

Reduce Enterprise Cyber Risk

With the improved skill sets and knowledge gained from the eLearning courses, your organization's defenses will be better equipped to identify and mitigate SAP security risks. By addressing vulnerabilities and implementing proactive security measures, you can significantly reduce overall cyber risk to your organization.

 Enhance Security Posture

One eLearning at a time, your organization's SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit teams will acquire in-depth knowledge of SAP security best practices, vulnerabilities, and controls. This knowledge will enable them to implement effective security measures, reducing your overall security risks and improving your security posture, giving you a  stronger defense against cyber threats and potential attacks.

Improve Risk Mitigation

With a deep understanding of SAP security risks and solutions, your teams will be equipped to proactively identify potential vulnerabilities and mitigate them before they can be exploited. This proactive approach to risk mitigation will result in reduced exposure to security breaches, data leaks, and other risks associated with SAP systems, minimizing financial and reputational damage to the organization.

Close Critical SAP Security Skill Gaps

Our innovative eLearning library provides comprehensive training on SAP security implementation, risk mitigation, vulnerabilities, controls, auditing, and compliance. By completing these courses, your organization builds a powerful internal defense while teams acquire the knowledge and skills needed to fill critical SAP security skill gaps.

Track Your Team's SAP Security Skills Progress with Manager Reports

  • User Progress Reports
  • Course Summary 
  • Time Spent on each learning activity
  • Certificates & Scores received
As part of the NO MONKEY ACADEMY eLearning subscription, you gain access to valuable reports that help track and enhance your team's learning experience. With Manager Reports, you can effortlessly monitor individual learners' progress within courses. These comprehensive reports showcase completed lessons, time spent on each lesson, and the status of quizzes and assignments. Such data enables you to gain valuable insights into your team members' knowledge and skill acquisition. Additionally, Manager Reports streamline data interpretation and analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize learning activities effectively. Stay informed and take your team's development to new heights with the NO MONKEY eLearning subscription.

The NO MONKEY eLearning Subscription Will Transform the Way You Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Landscape

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