Fundamental Protection Concepts for ABAP® Applications

As a developer or software security engineer, it's essential to know the security traits of the technology and tools used to create and run the software application. ABAP® is no different. Because of SAP's ABAP® product strategy and how specific protection mechanisms are implemented and require proper application on the code level, some surprises are emphasized, brought into context, and described in this course.  


  Learn common protective technologies in ABAP® based software systems to mitigate the impact of vulnerabilities

  Learn how to explain potential threats of ABAP® based business application interfaces

  Learn common strategies to govern the security of software deliveries in ABAP®

1 hour


Marco Hammel

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 Certificate Upon Completion


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 You know the common traits of ABAP® server application architectures 
 You can distinguish between the most commonly used software design patterns in ABAP® based applications 
 You know the fundamentals of how ABAP® software can be deployed in the commonly used SAP ABAP® solutions staging concepts