Directory / Path Traversal Vulnerabilities

As with all programming languages, ABAP® based applications can contain security flaws. Because of different programming paradigms, frameworks, and runtimes for ABAP®, the exploitability of a flaw and security code measures can vary. You'll learn to identify directory traversal vulnerabilities in their different ABAP® code variations and what threats they can pose to the SAP system.


  Learn what the risks of having directory traversal vulnerabilities in SAP ABAP® systems are

Learn how to check ABAP® code for these kinds of vulnerabilities

  Learn how attackers can misuse these vulnerabilities

Learn how to mitigate the risks of ABAP® applications interacting with the file system

1 hour


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24/7 all Year Round

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Technical Requirements


 Certificate Upon Completion


€ 149
per course


 Read & Understand simple ABAP® implementations 
 Know the modularisation concept of ABAP® 
 Know the general frameworks for input processing in ABAP® 
 Know the fundamentals how file systems work