Fundamentals of SAP Remote Services

Welcome to the fundamentals of SAP remote services. In this class you will learn how to safeguard the most important network services for SAP applications. Minimizing the exposure of services is crucial to the security of software. The same applies for SAP applications. Some services need to be exposed to networks with lower trust levels, others do not. You will learn where most organizations struggle to sufficiently limit access to their core business applications and how to approach it differently by implementing the principle of least privilege on the network layer for SAP applications. Further, you'll learn what processes need to be put in place to control it.


  Learn how to see SAP remote services from a security perspective

  Learn to assess and prioritize the risk of specific services

  Learn which SAP specific protocols provide access to business logic

1 hour


Course Access

24/7 all Year Round

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Technical Requirements


 Certificate Upon Completion


€ 149
per course


 You have basic knowledge of the functioning of IP networks 
 You have a basic understanding of host services and interfaces 
 You have a fundamental understanding of network security concepts