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Real-Time SAP Security Learning - Take a Dive Deep with NO MONKEY ACADEMY's Experts

Welcome to the quickest and most effective way to attain the competencies needed to protect and defend SAP Solutions - NO MONKEY Live Corporate Online Training. Our immersive virtual classroom, tailored exclusively for your organization or team, offers hands-on training led by live SAP security experts, ensuring the mastery of your business-critical SAP technology.

Designed to strengthen your three lines of SAP security defense - SAP operations, IT security, and audit - our training equips your employees with the skills to fortify your security measures. Through interactive live online sessions, your teams will engage with expert instructors in real-time, diving deep into the latest SAP security best practices, risk assessment methodologies, and vulnerability management techniques. This collaborative approach fosters a deeper understanding of SAP security intricacies, empowering your defense lines to implement robust access controls, respond proactively to potential threats, and safeguard your organization's valuable assets.
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Online Training Designed to Strengthen Your Three Lines of SAP Security Defense -SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit

  • Centralized Learning Hub Access
  • Practice Lab & Group Exercises
  • Hands-On Learning Format
  • Expert Instructors
  • Small Group Size
  • Learner Certification
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Manager & Learner Support

 Here's What's Included in Your Online Training Session

Our focus is delivering effective SAP security training, ensuring immediate application to real-world situations. With a minimum of 7 participants, you have the flexibility to choose the date that suits your needs best. Our exclusive training is designed to refine your team's understanding, providing immediate feedback for continuous improvement. Let NO MONKEY guide you in delivering top-notch SAP security training for your SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit lines of defense.

Do You Need SAP Security Training
Tailored to the Needs of Your Team?

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Whether it's addressing skill gaps or targeting particular security challenges, our expert instructors will craft a personalized learning experience that ensures your team receives the knowledge and skills to protect your business-critical SAP technology effectively

Hands-On SAP Security Training - Led by Live Experts

Our live expert instructors possess extensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of SAP security. They have dedicated countless hours to understanding the nuances, best practices, and industry standards within this specialized field. By learning directly from these experts, you tap into their wealth of wisdom, gaining insights that might take years to acquire independently.

Marco Hammel

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Wolfgang Steiger

Managing Director
Access & Integrity Consulting GmbH

Waseem Ajrab

Head of Advisory

Alexander Meier

Managing Partner

Raschin Tavakoli

Managing Partner

Develop your skills

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals.

Clemens Krüger

SAP Security Consultant

Do you want to share your SAP Security knowledge with others?

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Say Good-Bye to Geographical Training Barriers... & Hello to Flexible Scheduling!

NO MONKEY's Live Online Training brings global teams together for seamless collaboration, shared insights, and collective enhancement of your SAP security expertise. Choose the day and time that suits your team's schedule, ensuring maximum convenience and participation. Guided by expert instructors, gain confidence in data-driven decision-making, risk detection, and staying ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Elevate your team's expertise with NO MONKEY ACADEMY - Live Online SAP Security Training.
  • Embrace seamless learning with global teams
  • Tailor the schedule to suit your team's needs
  • Maximize productivity with customizable timing
  • Choose between condensed or traditional formats

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NO MONKEY Tailored Training 

Can't find the exact course you're looking for in our Live Online Training catalog? No worries! At No Monkey Academy, we pride ourselves on offering tailored training solutions to meet your organization's unique needs and skill gaps. Whether it's a specialized topic or a specific skill set you require, our expert instructors are here to craft a custom-made training that perfectly aligns with your goals. With our tailored approach, you'll have the opportunity to address your team's specific challenges and foster skill development precisely where it's needed most. Don't settle for anything less than the perfect fit - experience the power of personalized learning with us! 

Custom Training for you team 

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Open Training Sessions are Perfect for Individuals & Smaller Teams!

Experience the future of online training with NO MONKEY's Open Training Sessions.  If you're seeking SAP security training but don't meet the requirements of a minimum of 7 learners for our Live Online Training, fret not!
Our Open Training Sessions are tailor-made for individuals and smaller corporate teams like yours. Led by our expert instructors, these immersive sessions include practical exercises, providing a hands-on and enriching learning experience. Embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded professionals, while gaining a competitive edge in the field of SAP Security. 

Join from anywhere, as we unlock the door to SAP security success, for smaller groups and individual learners.

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