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What are Open Training Sessions?

Unlike traditional corporate training, which is tailored for a specific organization, Open Training Sessions are available to any corporate professionals or teams that would like to participate.

A Great Option for Smaller Teams & Individuals!

NO MONKEY Open Training Sessions are designed for the three lines of defense responsible for safeguarding business-critical SAP technology - SAP Operations, IT Security, and Audit - our rotating schedule features fundamental and advanced, role-based SAP security topics. Unlike traditional corporate training which is held for the employees of a specific organization, these sessions are open to individuals and teams from different companies.

This means you can benefit from high-quality online learning experiences without any minimum learner requirements. Take the next step in advancing your SAP security knowledge and skills. Explore our schedule of Open Training Sessions below and unlock the potential to fortify your organization's SAP environment effectively. 

Take a Deep-Dive into SAP Security and Come Out the Other Side a Cyber Warrior!

Open Training Sessions empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to protect your SAP landscape. This is not your average online training! NO MONKEY ACADEMY offers a state-of-the-art online classroom setting, with a live expert instructor available to mentor, coach, and continually answer questions. All classes are scheduled in advance which means you can join in on the topics you need when it's convenient for you. Immersive and engaging, each session is packed full of real, concrete actions you can take now to reduce risk, strengthen your security posture, and breakdown the silos that exist between your SAP Operation, IT Security, and Audit lines of defenses. Protecting your business-critical SAP System just got a whole lot easier!
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 Here's What's Included in Your Session:

All Sessions Taught Live by SAP Security Experts

Our live expert instructors possess extensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of SAP security. They have dedicated countless hours to understanding the nuances, best practices, and industry standards within this specialized field. By learning directly from these experts, you tap into their wealth of wisdom, gaining insights that might take years to acquire independently.

Marco Hammel

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Wolfgang Steiger

Managing Director
Access & Integrity Consulting GmbH

Waseem Ajrab

Head of Advisory

Alexander Meier

Managing Partner

Raschin Tavakoli

Managing Partner

Jordan Santarsieri


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Clemens Krüger

SAP Security Consultant

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Upcoming Open Training Sessions 1st Quarter (2024)


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2nd Quarter (2024)


Upcoming Open Training Sessions
3rd Quarter (2024)


Upcoming Open Training Sessions
4th Quarter (2024)


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