Dynamic Execution Vulnerabilities

As with all programming languages, ABAP® based applications can contain security flaws. Because of different programming paradigms, frameworks, and runtimes for ABAP®, the exploitability of a flaw and security code measures can vary. You'll learn to identify dynamic code module execution vulnerabilities and what threats they can pose to the SAP system.


  Understand what the risks of having dynamic execution vulnerabilities in SAP ABAP® systems are

  Learn how to check ABAP® code for these types of vulnerabilities

  Recognize how attackers can misuse these types of vulnerabilities

 Know how to mitigate the risks of generic programming patterns of dynamic execution

1 hour


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Technical Requirements


 Certificate Upon Completion


€ 149
per course


 Read and understand simple ABAP® implementations
 Know the modularisation concept of ABAP®
 Know the general frameworks for input processing